Who Attends the Industrial VR/AR Forum?

The 2nd Annual Industrial VR/AR Forum brings together a very unique and highly targeted coalition of energy enterprise XR, connected workforce, training, learning & development, R&D, HS&E, data, spatial computing and technology professionals, as well as industry thought leaders, workplace wearable / exoskeleton innovators and digital innovation pioneers, to explore and advance the concepts that will revolutionize tomorrow’s energy / engineering immersive tech workplace.

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Network with colleagues and industry thought leaders from a breadth of functional disciplines including:

  • Heads of Business Units,  IT Strategy & Operations

  • Heads of Connected Workplace, Project & Business Services

  • Machine Learning, AI, RPA & Deep Learning Professionals

  • Data Science, Spatial Computing, Analytics Leaders

  • HS&E, Industrial Health Executives


  • Senior Business, VR/AR/XR, R&D Strategists

  • Senior Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Technical Management

  • Senior Digital Innovation & Emerging Technology Leaders

  • Senior Learning, Development & Training Executives

  • Virtual Design, Engineering & Construction Leaders

Interested in seeing who’s attended in the past? View the short list to see a snapshot of who attended in 2019.

Energy, engineering and industrial companies who attend:

Join them, and stay ahead in immersive tech solutions…

Apart from Joining the Leaders Showcased Above
Why Should You Be There?

Let’s Break It Down…

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I’m taking so many notes, I’m running out of ink.
— Max Eklund, Construction Visualization Manager, Fluor Corp.
Thank you for the incredible event! I truly enjoyed being part of it and meeting all those amazing people!
— Sergey Doronichev, Immersive Technology Manager, Schlumberger
Great use case scenarios.
— David Williams, Pacific Drilling

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