Transforming Industrial, Energy & Engineering Business and Driving Digital Innovation with Immersive & Wearable Technology


The Industrial VR/AR Forum is bringing together the industrial, energy & engineering Immersive Tech leaders, software developers, wearables/exoskeletons platforms and VR/AR/XR systems to showcase how they are using proven mixed & enhanced reality technology in their enterprise industrial operations today to reach common industry goals, such as decreasing costs and risks while increasing safety, enhanced training/knowledge transfer and speed/quality of information delivery.  

The Forum Features Virtual/Augmented Immersive Technology & Wearables Solutions for Energy, Engineering and Industrial Markets, Including:

  • Remote Assisted Reality:

    • Instruction & Assistance/Guidance

    • Inspection/Maintenance/Field Services/Real-time Compliance

  • Training/Learning Development/Knowledge Transfer

  • Virtual Design/Engineering/Construction

  • Data Analytics & Visualization/Digital Twin/Spatial Computing

  • Connected & Augmented Workforce:

    • Hearables/Voice-Activated/Wearables/Biometrics/Exoskeletons/Virtual Meetings & Real-time Remote Communication

Interested in Getting Involved in the 2020 Industrial VR/AR Forum?

Download your copy of the prospectus today, and get details on…

  • Stats! Like 95% of attendees discovered new XR tech and solutions - from companies like you.

  • Who attends? What do they say? Check out the attendee short list and what energy & companies were there in 2019.

  • Who’s been involved? Why should you be?

  • Check out our opportunities to build real relationships with energy & engineering immersive tech leaders.


Learn what’s real and what’s hype. Most importantly, learn what’s really working!

We’re bridging the gap between business and the latest tech in Industrial VR/AR/XR, and Wearables/Exoskeletons. Some topics we’ll cover include:

  • Cross-Industry VR/AR/Immersive Tech Best Practices

  • Advancing Business Operations & Training with Mixed Reality Solutions

  • Transforming Business & Remote Inspections with VR/AR/XR

  • The Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Energy & Engineering

  • Learn How to Craft & Implement a Successful VR/AR/XR Strategy

  • How Wearable Tech and Exoskeletons are Being Deployed in Industrial Facilities

  • Network with the MOST Influential End Users, Investors & Solution Providers

  • Real-World Use Case studies

  • Live demos at the Immersive Tech Demo Zone

  • State-of-the-Art VR/AR/XR and Mixed Reality Industry Information & Displays 

…all part of the Industrial VR/AR Forum Innovation Experience!



This is THE PLACE to learn and see the new and cutting-edge Immersive technologies that are currently serving industrial markets and will be ready for deployment in the near future!


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Here’s a glimpse of who participated in and supported the 2019 Forum (THANK YOU!):

Great event for putting AR/VR on the radar of industries.
— Dr. Priyadarshy, Halliburton
...The speakers shared compelling, data-driven use cases, and I had an amazing time immersing myself in the ‘Demo Zone’...We can’t wait for next year!
— Lauren McNamara, CodeTank Labs
We were able to forge a partnership which has helped significantly in the growth of our operations. Aside from that major win, we made a number of high-value contacts that we’ve engaged with and are still in regular conversation with.
— Sean McCullum, Kognitiv Spark
We heard great insight into the industry at the Industrial VR/AR Forum! Technologies were immersed in some great conversations with many organizations on their plans on integrating augmented reality...”
— Librestream Technologies