Transforming Industrial, Energy & Engineering Business and Driving Digital Innovation with Immersive & Wearable Technology


The Industrial VR/AR Forum is bringing together the industrial, energy & engineering Immersive Tech leaders, software developers, wearables/exoskeletons platforms and VR/AR/XR systems to showcase how they are using proven mixed & enhanced reality technology in their enterprise industrial operations today to reach common industry goals, such as decreasing costs and risks while increasing safety, enhanced training/knowledge transfer and speed/quality of information delivery.  

Want the complete 2019 Industrial VR/AR Forum Overview?

Download your copy of the post show report today, and get details on…

  • Who Attended and Participated

  • What They Had to Say about the Event

  • How VR/AR is Being Used in Industrial Organizations Today


Learn what’s real and what’s hype. Most importantly, learn what’s really working!

We’re bridging the gap between business and the latest tech in Industrial VR/AR/XR, and Wearables/Exoskeletons. Some topics we’ll cover include:

  • Cross-Industry VR/AR/Immersive Tech Best Practices

  • Advancing Business Operations & Training with Mixed Reality Solutions

  • Transforming Business & Remote Inspections with VR/AR/XR

  • The Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Energy & Engineering

  • Learn How to Craft & Implement a Successful VR/AR/XR Strategy

  • How Wearable Tech and Exoskeletons are Being Deployed in Industrial Facilities

  • Network with the MOST Influential End Users, Investors & Solution Providers

  • Real-World Use Case studies

  • Live demos at the Immersive Tech Demo Zone

  • State-of-the-Art VR/AR/XR and Mixed Reality Industry Information & Displays 

…all part of the Industrial VR/AR Forum Innovation Experience!



This is THE PLACE to learn and see the new and cutting-edge Immersive technologies that are currently serving industrial markets and will be ready for deployment in the near future!


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Here’s a glimpse of who participated in and supported the 2019 Forum (THANK YOU!):

...The speakers shared compelling, data-driven use cases, and I had an amazing time immersing myself in the ‘Demo Zone’...We can’t wait for next year!
— Lauren McNamara, CodeTank Labs
Great event for putting AR/VR on the radar of industries.
— Dr. Priyadarshy, Halliburton
We heard great insight into the industry at the Industrial VR/AR Forum! Technologies were immersed in some great conversations with many organizations on their plans on integrating augmented reality...”
— Librestream Technologies